Bangers, Mash & Peas

Today, my son J gave me reason to feel prouder of him Continue reading

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Fussy Eaters!

I love watching my son J eat! Continue reading

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Weaning Wednesday’s!

Little Tulip has developed a more or less predictable routine regarding the consumption of solids and breast milk. Her routine is as follows –  Continue reading

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Brilliant Brockett’s Farm Park!

If you’re looking for a brilliant family day out this coming Bank holiday or over the Summer holidays then I thoroughly recommend Brockett’s Farm Park in Fetcham, Surrey. It is a working family farm set in the very picturesque Surrey countryside and just south of Leatherhead and near Junction 9 on the M25. Brockett’s Farm is also easy to get to via public transport.It is a fantastic day out regardless what the the weather is like as there are indoor and outdoor activities for children to partake in and keep them occupied for many an hour. Continue reading

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warlingham school

This morning I was up and about early after a night of very little sleep (nothing new there!) getting dressed for work.  I officially return to work in early July however, in a moment of madness, I agreed to a request from the Head of the Sixth Form to moderate some Extended Projects.  Read more

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A New Project!

After reading so many parent blogs such as “Play At Home Mom” about the developmental benefits for young children of a light table, I searched the web in order to purchase such an item. However, I was quite shocked at the cost of a light table  – even a used one – so like many other parents I thought how difficult could it be to make one of these?!! I have since read many wonderful blogs posts and seen so many fantastic photographs about how to make a light table which has not only inspired me further to construct one but, they have also given me many ideas regarding the design of a light table –

So, this will be my new project for the next few weeks – one which I have already started on – this evening I have ordered a sheet of frosted acrylic from a company called The Wholesale POS Co 2009 who trade on Ebay – they sell acrylic in many different shapes and sizes and will custom cut acrylic to meet customer design needs – at a very reasonable price. So watch this space for an progress up date on the construction of my very own light table.

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Weaning Wednesdays!

I am so behind on the update of the weaning of Little E – so sorry! It has been a month since we began weaning Little E and she has made huge progress in managing solid food. As you may recall from previous posts, we have been weaning Little E using the more traditional method of baby food in a jar as well as, baby led weaning. We have discovered that although E will gladly eat jarred food she much prefer’s being given food which she can   feed herself such as sticks of cucumber, toast with peanut butter, rice cakes, porridge fingers, green beans etc. However, she can at times become frustrated Read more

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