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Dog Poo & Snow!

On putting my trainers on my feet, ¬†to walk into town, I notice what looks like mud on the front of my shoe however, on further inspection I realise it is dog poo – and here my rant begins! We … Continue reading

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Keyworker Numero Deux is Leaving.

Last Friday I received an email from the manager of my son’s nursery – it was entitled “staff changes”. This filled me with dread, as we have received so many of these in the past and often they have led … Continue reading

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Why does the freezer section of a fridge freezer not have a light?!

Every time I visit the freezer section of my fridge freezer often after supper, in search of something sweet, I always think this! Does anyone know why this is the case?

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Note to self – always wear safety goggles when around both of my children!

I am typing this after approximately three hours sleep so, I guess I will start as I mean to go on! ¬†Yesterday, at around 3am my lovely daughter E decided that she would poke me in the eye whilst I … Continue reading

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