Note to self – always wear safety goggles when around both of my children!

I am typing this after approximately three hours sleep so, I guess I will start as I mean to go on!  Yesterday, at around 3am my lovely daughter E decided that she would poke me in the eye whilst I was trying to breast feed her in bed, after a very sleepless night. I hear you say/think “man up” which normally, when in the throes of self pity I would appreciate… some what however, my son J had also done this to me (whilst pregnant with E) 4 months previously. I have since been experiencing problems with my left eye which involved many visits to the opticians, a trip to the G.P & a failed trip to A & E in Bridgend, Wales! My optician tells me that pregnancy hormones can also affect the eyes (along with just about everything else!) making them dry. This dryness can last up to 6 months. However, this is anecdotal which, is why eye tests etc. are no longer part of the maternity exemption that women receive in the UK on the NHS. Anyway, the laceration caused by my son’s index finger (which I liken to Freddy Kruger’s fingers!) should have healed within 72 hours however, the lack of sleep coupled with the dryness is preventing this from happening and therefore, when I do actually get any sleep on waking up, I experience severe stabbing pains, followed by watering, stinging & redness which continues for at least an hour. Previous to the failed trip to A & E I could experience these symptoms all day – which initiated the trip in the first place.

I have also discovered that my eye is also aggravated by doing things that I love such as having the odd glass of red wine, sitting in front of an open fire & as previously mentioned – sleeping! So as, you can imagine I was not thrilled to be poked in the right eye by E! Hence, I spent most of Monday with an eye patch and bandage around my head – very attractive – my husband promptly informed me that I looked like Pudsey Bear!

So, if you children (and a husband) who have sharp nails wear safety goggles at all times!

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