Keyworker Numero Deux is Leaving.

Last Friday I received an email from the manager of my son’s nursery – it was entitled “staff changes”. This filled me with dread, as we have received so many of these in the past and often they have led to our son being affected. We were hoping that this time it would not affect him, as he has had two key worker’s since moving to the toddlers room and he had become quite attached the current one and vice versa,so it seems…

Much to our disappointment, it does appear that G (key worker number two) is leaving to take up the position of a Pre-School Room Leader at another nursery, but within the same company. We are very disappointed for a number of reasons – 

1. J, our lovely son will miss her, they had developed quite a bond over the two years that J had been at the nursery – even though she was working in the pre-school room at the time J was in the baby room. G would often cover any absentee staff from this room.

2. After the birth of our second child E, G kept informing us how she could not wait until E joined the nursery – in fact she only mentioned this last week?!

3. G is very good at her job and we were privileged to have a very experienced carer as G look after our soon.

4. G has helped J tremendously particularly, with his poor eating habits and my husband and I are now concerned that when she leaves J will return to these poor eating habits as he will not received the same amount of attention that she gives him, once she has left.

Initially, we thought that this move was due to the nursery’s policy of moving staff between the different branches of the nursery at short notice to cover, maternity leave, long term sickness, vacancies etc. however, this proved not to be the case. On seeing G yesterday when I picked J up from nursery she informed me (when I asked) that she had applied for the job. If I am being honest I was very disappointed that she did not tell the parents of the children she was responsible for sooner or approach them to talk to them about this on Monday. However, I was very gracious and told her she would be missed by J as well as ourselves and congratulated her. I do wish her the best & I totally understand (being a teacher) how she must feel leaving behind children that she has built such positive relationships with.

Now it remains for us to speak to J about G leaving – something I am not looking forward to one bit! He is only nearly 2.5 years old and will not be able to understand why she is leaving – he will only realise what has happened when he notices that she is not physically there. How can I limit the emotional impact on him – or is this not possible?

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