Dog Poo & Snow!

On putting my trainers on my feet,  to walk into town, I notice what looks like mud on the front of my shoe however, on further inspection I realise it is dog poo – and here my rant begins! We live on quite a long road in Surrey, where there seems to be a billion dog owners! The snow has now melted completely but has left a poo covered pavement – why can’t some dog owners invest in a pooper-a-scoop if they do not like picking up poo by hand. Some owners use the snow as an excuse not to so, as it is not so noticeable until the snow melts that is!! I wonder how often the dog fouling fine is imposed on those dog owners… who do not clean up after their dog Interestingly, there does not appear to be any published statistics on the internet.

Dog fouling is not only offensive but, dangerous – it can lead to toxocariasis. I can safely say that I am fed up with having to look down at my feet when walking along my road and particularly fed up of having to wash the pram wheels before bringing it into the house – this can be a mean feat with two children under the age of three, especially after climbing 18 steps to the property!!!

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