White Noise & Calmer Car Journey’s.


This is the white noise CD that I mentioned in my previous post – “P” Plates Mean “Panicked” Mother, More “Patience” Required “Please”! – which I downloaded as an MP3 album from Amazon UK. It costs 89p to do so and I have used it countless number of times since! Before I purchased this CD I trawled the internet for a solution to the four hour fussy period that my daughter E, went through every evening like clock work – I was more sleep deprived then than I am now – if that is, indeed possible! I have to admit I was very dubious about the claims made  by those that produced white noise products however…, since using the purchased CD on a number of occasions with success, I am now a convert! However, please note before you invest in such a CD,  like any method used to calm babies its reliability can be variable as there are so many different factors – internal and external – that can affect a baby at any one time and hence, their response to efforts to calm them.

There are many, different types of noise such as white, pink, brownian, blue, grey etc. White noise is a constant stream of noise which is likened to the repetitive sounds that babies experience in utero. White noise produces a calming affect by masking noises such as, noise from the television or from younger sibling that can distract or unsettle a baby and in turn, slowing brain waves. As an adult we can choose which noises we pay attention to and the ones we ignore (most of the time!) – a baby cannot do this and they can become over stimulated by the whole myriad of noises that they experience and hence, are unable to sleep. However, even as adults, we can find unpredictable noise stressful this is demonstrated by a psychological study by Glass, (1969) who investigated the effects of predictable and unpredictable noise on participants persistence in solving a task – participants found that they could not ignore the unpredictable noise in this study which led them to experience stress.

I now have a copy of this album for the car and my daughter E cries for only half of the journey home in comparison to the whole of the journey. The producers of this CD advise against playing this whilst driving however, I find it quite relaxing and evidently so does E and my son J (who is a toddler) who nearly fell asleep on Thursday in the car, on the return journey!

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