Car Seat Callouses

Diono Harness Pads

If like me, you are small in height and therefore, it is a mission to lug your child round in a car seat whilst preventing child number one from sprinting away at top speed then this is a tip for you! I have begun to develop callouses on the palm of my hand where, I grab the car seat handle to carry my daughter E, to and from the car. I am also beginning to find that as she is growing carrying the car seat in the crook of my arm almost stops… the circulation of blood to that arm! So, I trawled the internet for such a solution to these two problems and I found one however, the product looked cheaply made and was not sure that it would fit the handle of my car seat – which is alittle wider than some car seat handles.

I wasn’t until I was strapping my two year old son into his buggy last weekend that I had a eureka moment – his harness straps have pads to make it more comfortable for children – which would make them an ideal size and fit for a car seat handle. This time I searched Amazon UK and I found these – which were made by the same company as the car seat mat that I owned and had purchased at an earlier date. This company is called Diono. I paid £5.99 for these harness pads which nicely on my car seat handle making it a much more comfortable experience when carrying my daughter in it. They are also available for free super saver delivery.

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