Worry Wart


I cannot believe it is Monday evening already – I was relieved when Friday finally arrived and had been looking forward to spending some time with my husband and our two children – however, this has been marred by the illness of our son. He has had a fever since Friday evening as well as, a cold and has been coughing at times. We are very worried about him in fact… we seem to worry more about him than we do about our 6 month old daughter E! Perhaps the reasons for this are, J was 13 days early and had acid reflux. He has always been prone to fever and bugs and over time my husband & I have become use to treating them rather than freaking out about them – as we use to!  No matter how old he becomes I fear we will always worry about him more. Every time the phone rings during the day, my first thought is always whether it is the nursery and is he ill.

It then made me hark back to my teenage years and how much grief and worry I must have caused my parents by  for example, coming home late than expected. I would like to sincerely apologise to both of my parents because, until I became a parent myself I did not fully appreciate why when I did things – such as previously mentioned – my parents would become angry and shout. I thought they were just been controlling and need to take – as the the youth of today would day – “a chill pill”!! Parents will always worry regardless of how old or sensible they think their children are. Besides, what I say when people usually tell me that I worry too much is, “that’s what I do  best!”.

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