Weaning Wednesday

Wean & FruitAs mentioned in yesterday’s post my lovely but, very spirited daughter is now 6 months old! Time has flown by and like one of work colleagues – whom I was discussing this with yesterday – I will have to start thinking about my return to work in the not so distant future. E meeting this milestone is also significant… as it means I have breast fed her for 6 months – which to some is nothing but, for me personally – it is a huge achievement, as I have not found it easy breast feeding a cluster feeder. I remember speaking to my health visitor about the cluster feeding and she assured me it would settle down into a more manageable, less exhausting feeding pattern however, it appears that E is a baby that prefers small amounts of milk but, often – which has not really altered much! So, I welcome the weaning stage with open arms and I have been impressed with E’s response to solids so far – E can hold a spoon very well and place it in her mouth with food still on it! This weekend I intend to try baby led weaning with E so, this marks the first in a series of posts documenting her progress.

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2 Responses to Weaning Wednesday

  1. I am interested to follow your weaning…mine is only 4 months old so we still have a little more to go.

  2. mummymootwo says:

    Hey – we weaned our son J, at 5.5 months due to an acid reflux problem – he is now 2.5 years old and is very discerning with regards to food! We feel that this was due to his acid reflux problem and not liking textured or more lumpy foods which would some times make him vomit or gag. We are hoping that weaning our daughter E, will be much easier – we will keep you posted! I hope weaning is easier for you when the time comes.

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