It’s Day Three of Weaning

Potatoes_and_carrots_After a great two days of weaning, today little tulip, E had a slow start with breakfast this morning – which was baby rice. She seemed more taken with the waffle bib that I had placed on her rather than food today. She ate about half a teaspoon – maybe slightly more –  which after such a good start was a little worrying. I then tried to cast my mind back to weaning my son J and I remember that a similar thing happened with him – he wolfed down the baby rice for about the first 2-3 days and then… the novelty wore off and the fussiness began. I decided to “repress” (as Freud would say) this memory and push it into the unconscious part of my mind! I vowed this would not happen with E and that I would try her again later  – which is what I did. For dinner I gave E pureed carrot and potatoe- which was a fantastic bright orange in colour and I wasn’t sure whether E would eat it. However, I was nicely surprised as she wolfed it down and then had some more – so for dinner she 2 and a half teaspoons and she did not try to eat her bib either! She also had quite a lot of breast milk too and cried a minimal amount in the journey to the nursery – so all in all, quite a successful day I feel which, is a relief as I am suffering from extreme sleep deprivation at the moment! I think E is going through a growth spurt as well as teething which has led her to experience hunger more so and therefore, is feeding very frequently during the night in particular as well as , waking more frequently. This has left me quite cranky and exhausted so I am very thankful that it is Friday tomorrow, which means my husband can look after E for a couple of hours and I can have some “me time” which usually involves completing the household chores – no rest for the wicked eh?!

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