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Wearing Goggles Part Deux!

A some of you may recall from my previous post – “Note to self – always wear safety goggles when around both of my children!” I had been poked in the eye by the finger of my son J just before … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days!

Do you remember this soap? Every time I bought and smelt the soap it bought back memories of my childhood and until quite recently it still could be purchased – it was discontinued by Proctor & Gamble in 2009. I … Continue reading

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Weaning Wednesday Update

Since beginning to wean Little E we have been combining baby led weaning with the more traditional method of weaning and also offering her purees/mashed food. Last weekend, I began to find that we were offering her the same foods … Continue reading

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Red Nose Day 2013 – The Gruffalo’s Child Costume

Red Nose Day finally arrived, a day I had been dreading for a month as I knew that it would be a mission to complete J’s costume in time! However,

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Parents’ Evening

So, yesterday evening was parents’ evening at the nursery that my son attends – I know what you’re thinking – parents’ evening at his age?! Which is exactly what I thought before we attended our first parents’ evening, however I … Continue reading

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Weaning Update

As far as weaning is concerned – it was another good day today! Not in terms of how much Little E ate but, what she attempted to eat. Today she munched her way through a stick of cheddar cheese and … Continue reading

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Mothering Sunday

I know this post is a little late however, here we are! I had some lovely surprises on mother’s day – I was very lucky to receive three cards two from J my son (one made at nursery and one … Continue reading

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