It’s Day Five of Weaning

I am happy to report little tulip E, is still making great progress as regards to weaning! On Friday E was given banana porridge for breakfast – 3 teaspoons. For dinner she had carrot and potato of which she had two and a half small ice cubes and two teaspoons of apple and blueberry puree for dessert. For supper she had three teaspoons of chicken and rice and a little baby rice for dessert – she seems to have decided that she does not like baby rice any more now that she has experienced other tastes.

I have been led totally by E as to how much she wants – if she continues to open her mouth to take the food that I am offering her, I then prepare some more for her. Luckily, it is not difficult at all to assess whether she would like some more or not as she gives me a good old boot with her foot…if I am slow in offering her some more – cheeky madam! Tomorrow, we will continue with three meals a day plus, dessert and then next week we will be trying baby led weaning with E. I mentioned ice cube trays – when I gave birth to my son J, I invested in some fantastic ice cube trays which are made from rubber and come with a hard plastic tray which keeps them flat in the freezer and prevents the contents from over spilling. These wonderful ice cube trays are produced by a company called Lekue and they are intended for industrial use – they make 32 ice cubes and are great for freezing baby food in the early days of weaning. unlike conventional hard plastic, ice cube trays it is so easy to get the contents out of the tray without getting frost bite in the process! The trays also come in red. You can buy these ice cube trays on Amazon UK for £9.25 each and they are eligible for free delivery in the UK.

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