Thank goodness it is nearly the weekend!

So, here I am after a very long week with a glass of red wine in hand writing this post and it’s not even Friday yet! The past two weeks have been very difficult indeed for a whole variety of reasons but, one of these little E’s reaction to car travel. Today after two weeks of extreme sleep deprivation (10 hours sleep in total this week!?) was the perhaps the most difficult car journey since I began collecting E’s big brother from nursery using the car instead of public transport.

I remember often talking to friends and work colleagues about the dramas I would have using public transport to collect my son J whilst pregnant with E and later, with her in tow after I gave birth to her. They would tell me how much better the journey would be when I finally passed my driving test and bought a car. Before I passed my driving test I would imagine just how great this would be at that moment in time as well as in the future – I would imagine collecting J on a wet, rainy and windy day in the car and how ecstatic I would feel not having to use public transport and deal with some bus drivers who would not even acknowledge you when you asked politely if you could board the bus via the exit doors due to boarding with a buggy that you did not want to take off other passengers arms with as you made your way towards the back of the bus! Also, the calming effect it would have on the children as well as, how much more time I would have due to the journey not taking 2 hours plus. I imagined how great it would be when the children were older and they attended after school clubs and I could drop them off and pick them up afterwards. Since passing my driving test I have come down to earth with a big bump as far as being a car driver is concerned!

I know how incredibly lucky I am and we are as a family to have two cars however, today I felt angry at the people that I encouraged me to fantasize about how great life would be once I was driving! Why did I feel this way? Little E began to cry on the journey to the nursery – the type of crying that I knew would turn into screaming by the time I arrived at the nursery – I was hoping that it would not however, I was to be disappointed. When I arrived at the nursery I decided to take Little E out of the car seat to try and calm her down and perhaps feed her. She didn’t want to feed but, she did calm down significantly so, back in the car seat she went and we to collect her big brother. She was as quiet as a mouse in the nursery perhaps due to all the attention she always receives from the ladies that work there however, once we left and I strapped her into the car the crying started again with full gusto so much so, she was screaming and wailing so, I decided to drive hoping she would calm down and fall asleep. Unfortunately, this was not to be the case and as I passed the school that I work at I had to pull over and take her out of the car seat – this time she would not calm down and her big brother was also becoming distraught. I made the decision to place her back in the car seat and continue to drive as we were were about 15 mins away from home – she did not stop until we got in through the front door! So, after the crescendo of behaviour that has been building all week this was climax and her I am wondering what else I can do to prevent her from screaming blue murder on all car journey’s?

I have tried giving her toys to play with during the journey, the white noise CD (as some of you may know from an earlier post), singing her nursery rhymes, feeding her before we leave and when we arrive at the nursery, changing her nappy etc. I have now come to the conclusion that either she does not like the rear facing car seat – as my son use to cry in the same car seat (although we assumed that this was due to the acid reflux problem that he had) or she does not like being away from me –  as she seems only to do it when I am driving and not my husband. So, over the weekend we will try to eliminate one of these theories by placing her in the Maxi Cosi Axiss forward facing car seat that we have – if she will fit that is –  as I feel that my psychological well-being cannot take much more screaming! Also, it makes concentrating on driving incredibly difficult – in fact it is like torture! If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them. Here’s to having a calmer weekend one, where my ears can recover!

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