Weaning Update

As far as weaning is concerned – it was another good day today! Not in terms of how much Little E ate but, what she attempted to eat. Today she munched her way through a stick of cheddar cheese and she attempted to eat some steamed broccoli, carrot and cauliflour – she did not gag once – I was very impressed! She seems to love her food and is very adventurous where food is concerned –  I am so pleased  – I know I keep mentioning this  but, it truly is amazing considering the erratic eating habits of my son J! She also seems to be quite the carnivore – unlike J or I but, very much like her father – she loves ham and chicken and doesn’t mind beef, which I feel children tend to enjoy as they become older. So, the baby led weaning continues tomorrow with the introduction of cucumber sticks and avocado.

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