Parents’ Evening

So, yesterday evening was parents’ evening at the nursery that my son attends – I know what you’re thinking – parents’ evening at his age?! Which is exactly what I thought before we attended our first parents’ evening, however I am now a convert and would recommend it to any nursery that does not hold parents’ evenings or parents who have yet to attend for what ever reason..

Yesterday was the first parents’ evening with J’s new key worker, I say new however she was his key worker when he was in the baby room for a brief while. During our meeting it transpired that the original key worker who left for a position at another nursery had not completed J’ s progress file so, J appeared to have made little progress in the 6 key areas since the last parents’ evening in October 2012! In reality, J has made lots of progress but, she could not sign this off – observations of progress occur once a month and his key worker had already signed off a number of standards this month. As you can imagine I was not very happy about this however, this clearly was not her fault and she was making every effort to gather evidence for standards that J had already completed but, for which there was no evidence of this in his file. We also spoke about how to help J develop at home – it was reassuring to hear her suggest activities that we already do with J. This time we actually saw the inside of J’s progress file, not just the front cover and we could see where his current key worker had begun to complete the file and where nothing or very little had been done by the previous key worker!

This evening also proved useful for me professionally, as once I return to teaching from maternity leave I will be teaching students about the new EYFS and how it is used by nursery workers. Also, in true mummymootwo style I grabbed the opportunity to use her as a resource for information about this by asking if I could pick her brains about the aforementioned before I return to work! Cheeky, but you have to network – never one to miss an opportunity to develop my knowledge, understanding or skills!!

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