Red Nose Day 2013 – The Gruffalo’s Child Costume


Red Nose Day finally arrived, a day I had been dreading for a month as I knew that it would be a mission to complete J’s costume in time! However, I managed to make the costume look complete – even though I had intended there to be more to this costume – so that he could wear it today. The piece above took me approximately 6 hours to make with the hood being the most difficult task.

The materials I used were –

I chose to use felt rather than fake fur as it would not make my son as hot when he’s running around like a lunatic, even though the texture and look of fake fur or fluffy fleece was much more suitable. I did order a fleece throw from Debenhams for £10 in case Plan A went terribly wrong and the costume once made did not look how I imagined it would look. In fact, I was very lucky that the end product looked much better than I predicted it would look as the throw has still to arrive!!

As for a pattern – in true mummymootwo style I decided to “wing” it – as they would say in the part of the UK that I hail from and used a robe of J’s as a rough guide. This robe was a hooded robe and the hood was substantial which is what I required for this gruffalo’s child costume.

After posting my finished product on Facebook and at the nursery when I collected my son later today, I received some really lovely comments about the costume – which I am absolutely thrilled about! It also came home in one piece which I was also thrilled about – I imagined the costume missing an ear or the tail on collection of J! If I ever complete the costume then I will post further photographs of it and now for my next project….