The Good Old Days!

Do you remember this soap? Every time I bought and smelt the soap it bought back memories of my childhood and until quite recently it still could be purchased – it was discontinued by Proctor & Gamble in 2009. I had not realised this until last year when I tried to purchased some and I could not! For those of you that do not know, it has been described as a British institution and has been used in many ways in the British house hold. Its most popular use is a pre-treatment bar for stains – which is was absolutely excellent at removing – when no product could. I used it sparingly until I married my husband – [when I began to use it to remove stains from his rugby kit at least 3 times a week!] and it was only in 2012 that I found it necessary to replenish my stocks.

On finding out that I could not purchase this soap any more I immediately trawled the internet for a replacement product – I did not even consider Vanish as I had used it in the past and found that it did not live up to its claims. On a number of forums I discovered that other people had made a number of suggestions but, the one that seemed the most popular with the most good reviews was Falcon green household soap.

Falcon soap is Fairy soap but, in different packaging! It just as successful at removing stains as Fairy soap was. It looks and smells exactly the same!? I am not complaining especially when big bro J comes home from nursery with a pile of clothes covered in mud, paint, flour, food etc! To achieve the best results Falcon should be rubbed into the stain as soon as possible with a little warm water, rinsed and then re-applied before being placed in the washing machine.

If you are trying to remove a red wine stain be warned – do not apply Falcon soap before the following process as the stain will become darker, making it virtually impossible to remove! For red wine stains, pour cold water through the back of the stain asap, rubbing it gently. Apply some salt and allow the salt to sit on the stain for approximately 2-3 minutes and then wash again with cold water. Then rub in some liquid detergent and leave to soak in for approximately 3-5 minutes – rinse again with cold water and then apply Falcon green soap. However, if like us enjoying a glass or two of red wine is a rarity since having children then the days of red wine stains are a thing of the past until the children are at least 30!!

I purchased 10 bars of green Falcon soap from a seller on Ebay for about £10 – an absolute bargain! Happy stain removing!

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