Weaning Wednesday Update

Since beginning to wean Little E we have been combining baby led weaning with the more traditional method of weaning and also offering her purees/mashed food. Last weekend, I began to find that we were offering her the same foods at breakfast time so, I trawled the internet for ideas looking at sites such as netmums, mumsnet etc. Here are some breakfast ideas that I have tried or have still yet to try with Little E –

So far, we have tried goats cheese on toast, avocado on toast and Weetabix with some success. With the Weetabix and full fat cow’s milk Little E coped very well with, although she always pulls a funny face when trying a new food with a different texture. Today we tried the goats cheese on toast which she attacked with her usual enthusiasm pushing it into her mouth quickly – it was at this point that I knew she would either surprise me and chew it more and swallow it successfully or she would gag and cough. Unfortunately, she did the latter and then refused to eat any more as it upset her however, she was not that upset as did manage a little baby rice afterwards!

She refused dinner today and ate some pasta with a vegetable sauce for supper but, did not want any dessert. Her lack of appetite today was due teething and probably tiredness as she was awake an awful lot last night which resulted in very little sleep for me  – even though I actually managed to make it into bed before 1 am last night – which has been virtually unknown since having the two moomins!

Have you tried a particular recipe that has been a hit with your little ones?

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