A New Project!

After reading so many parent blogs such as “Play At Home Mom” about the developmental benefits for young children of a light table, I searched the web in order to purchase such an item. However, I was quite shocked at the cost of a light table  – even a used one – so like many other parents I thought how difficult could it be to make one of these?!! I have since read many wonderful blogs posts and seen so many fantastic photographs about how to make a light table which has not only inspired me further to construct one but, they have also given me many ideas regarding the design of a light table –

So, this will be my new project for the next few weeks – one which I have already started on – this evening I have ordered a sheet of frosted acrylic from a company called The Wholesale POS Co 2009 who trade on Ebay – they sell acrylic in many different shapes and sizes and will custom cut acrylic to meet customer design needs – at a very reasonable price. So watch this space for an progress up date on the construction of my very own light table.

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