Weaning Wednesdays!

I am so behind on the update of the weaning of Little E – so sorry! It has been a month since we began weaning Little E and she has made huge progress in managing solid food. As you may recall from previous posts, we have been weaning Little E using the more traditional method of baby food in a jar as well as, baby led weaning. We have discovered that although E will gladly eat jarred food she much prefer’s being given food which she can   feed herself such as sticks of cucumber, toast with peanut butter, rice cakes, porridge fingers, green beans etc. However, she can at times become frustrated when she is not able to place food in her mouth to eat which invariably leads to tears if she isn’t helped! Our Little E is an independent little girl. We have also begun to offer her food at room temperature as well as food that has is slightly colder – which we feel is important as sometimes, children can become use to food of a certain temperature and refuse to eat for example, cold foods.

The amount she is now eating has also increased. She now eats between 2.5 -3 heaped teaspoons of food and will munch her way through any amounts of finger foods we provide her with. She will also grab any food we’re currently eating – which has contributed to my post pregnancy weight loss! All this munching has however, has led to very little reduction in the number of breast feeds that she desires and at 7 months on she is still feeding every two hours approximately during the day, during the evening she can go 3-4 hours without feeding but, equally she can can suckle all night which still means that I still suffer from sleep deprivation! I am currently, very, very jealous of a work colleague to mine who gave birth to her daughter 10 weeks ago, who sleeps from 8pm through until 7am the next morning – her daughter is however, formula fed and some people say that this can make a difference others, disagree. I now resist logging into Facebook in the morning whilst Little E is feeding as the said work colleague posts a regular update about how many hours sleep she had last night – very frustrating for some one who is so sleep deprived at times!

However, on a more positive note, the most wonderful thing about the weaning of Little E is that she is so willing to try new and different foods  – unlike our son, J at the same age – although when she has a day where she doesn’t eat very much perhaps due to teething, we worry that she has suddenly become discerning like her big bro! Even with new foods she will always try a few spoonfuls before refusing food and we love the facial expressions that she produced on doing so! We hope that this willingness to eat everything and anything long continues.

Some of the weaning equipment that we have found invaluable are as follows –

  • Avent breast milk storage pots – we invested in these before I gave birth to our son J in order to store breast milk in however, they became invaluable as food storage pots wheh  we began to wean him and again, as we have begun to feed E. Food or liquids stored in these pots can be heated up in the microwave.
  • Tommee Tippee heat sensing spoons – these change colour when food is too hot to eat. These are a newer model of the spoons we originally bought.
  • Mothercare coverall bib – these are a must and prevents (most of the time!) clothing from becoming stained with food.
  • Kiddicare high chair – we invested in this chair on having Little E, we had previously bought another chair for J – but, we discovered that it was alittle big for our Little E. The Kiddicare chair is foldable and it can be wiped  however, the tray is not removable & the foot rest which  is meant to adjust by sliding up and down the frame, does not remain in place if it is moved upwards to accommodate the younger baby. Although, the Baby Weavers wooden high chair is heavy to move and does required a padded insert for comfort, the chair is also foldable and the tray can be moved to the back of the chair in order for the chair to be placed at a dining table.
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