Weaning Wednesday’s!

Little Tulip has developed a more or less predictable routine regarding the consumption of solids and breast milk. Her routine is as follows – 

8-8:30am breast milk.

9-9:30am breakfast – e.g. yoghurt, Weetabix & whole milk, porridge & fruit etc.

10-10:30am sleep.

11-11:30am breast milk.

12:30pm sleep

1-1:30pm lunch & tap water or diluted pure fruit juice.

2-2:30pm sleep.

3-3:30pm breast milk

5pm supper & tap water or diluted pure fruit juice.

7pm breast milk & sleep.

We began to give Little Tulip snacks in between main meals such as rice cakes or toast with Dairy Lea or sandwiches etc however, we have found that this has made her prone to constipation so, we introduced dilute pure fruit juice and regular sips of water from a Tommee Tippee beaker  – which has helped significantly. We have increased the amount of fruit and vegetables in her diet – she absolutely adores strawberries, green beans, sticks of cucumber etc and reduced the amount of bread, rice cakes and banana that we offer her. However, I am finding that she still feeds every two hours during the night time – after about 11pm – before that she sleep soundly from 8-11pm! We are hoping that she will stop the night feeds very soon as they can be very exhausting and can aggravate my corneal RES – which is not good!

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