Bangers, Mash & Peas

Today, my son J gave me reason to feel prouder of him  – he actually consumed some meat today – w-hoo! I cooked Little Tulip and Big Bro J what I call a comforting, winter warmer, Sunday dinner – sausages, mash and peas – minus the gravy  – as I thought that would be pushing my luck a little too far.

Typically, Little Tulip would attack anything food I gave her with gusto however she is teething at the moment and seems not to be so enamoured by food. Tentatively, I served J and Little Tulip this dish and Little Tulip picked up a bit of sausage and chewed it, J looked at the plate and was about to protest, “I don’t like peas!” however, he was distracted by a piece of sausage that was now hurtling towards him at break neck speed  – Little Tulip was throwing pieces of sausages at him like the great Sri Lankan bowler Muttiah Muralitharan, would throw a cricket ball!

After dodging this shower of pork and apple sausage pieces, J finally accepted a minuscule piece of sausage from a fork and I waited in anticipation…..however, there was no funny, contorted face and I did not find myself saying, “If the wind blows your face will stick like that” (which is what my mother use to say to me when she caught me pulling unlady-like facial expressions!!). So, this time I combined a little mash potato, peas and sausage and offered J that and he accepted it quite happily – I was ecstatic (and I still am!). He continued to accept this combined food (two food being combined, being the maximum he has ever accepted) for the next thirty minutes until the food has become a little too cold to be palatable.

I was so proud of him I felt he deserved some mini chocolate Easter eggs – which is exactly what he got – well done J – we are all so proud of you!

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