Like so many others, I started writing this blog after I had my second child, to prevent myself from going completely potty! You would think that it would be easier the second time round, but as many others will tell you, each child can be just as trying but, in different ways. After having my son J was born, I completed an infant massage instructors course  to fend off, what I saw as the inevitable pottiness. The second time round I was at a loss as to what to do after my daughter E was born. Being a teacher I considered this as an ideal opportunity for meaningful and personal professional development – so, I thought that I might complete a part time MSC degree earn an extra £9,000 on my return to work, that a second degree supposedly brings. That is of course, if Michael Gove does not destroy the education of the youth of day and the teaching profession in which case yours truly, will be in search of a new career! Anyway, I digress – this idea was soon forgotten about due to time and money mainly – once my husband and & I had calculated E’s pending nursery fees.

The second idea to prevent pottiness was to enrol on a on-line photography course however, due to failing to find such a course that was highly recommended and Jessops going into administration meant I could not afford to purchase a reasonably priced, basic digital SLR camera. This then brings me to – finally – the reason for starting a blog. This blog will not just be about the ramblings of a sleep deprived mother, who is often lacking is sustenance but, my thoughts on anything that I consider important.


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