Mummy Meltdown!

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth – I have been ill –  again! Pre- children, I had a fantastic immune system and I only had one day off sick from work in seven years and that was due to a chest infection – I was back in work the next morning, after visiting the doctor to be prescribed antibiotics! It seems that breast feeding Little E for the past nearly seven months  is now having both physical and psychological effects upon me. Read more

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Wearing Goggles Part Deux!

A some of you may recall from my previous post – “Note to self – always wear safety goggles when around both of my children!” I had been poked in the eye by the finger of my son J just before giving birth to Little Tulip, E. This has led to to unpredictable attacks of severe pain, light sensitivity, watering, redness and blurred vision usually, upon waking but, these attacks have also taken place when my eyes have become severely dry such, when sitting in front of an open fire, increasing the temperature of the radiators when it becomes colder etc. These symptoms are know as RES – corneal recurrent erosion syndrome. Read more

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The Good Old Days!

Do you remember this soap? Every time I bought and smelt the soap it bought back memories of my childhood and until quite recently it still could be purchased – it was discontinued by Proctor & Gamble in 2009. I had not realised this until last year when I tried to purchased some and I could not! For those of you that do not know, it has been described as a British institution and has been used in many ways in the British house hold. Its most popular use is a pre-treatment bar for stains – which is was absolutely excellent at removing – when no product could. I used it sparingly until I married my husband – Read more

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Weaning Wednesday Update

Since beginning to wean Little E we have been combining baby led weaning with the more traditional method of weaning and also offering her purees/mashed food. Last weekend, I began to find that we were offering her the same foods at breakfast time so, I trawled the internet for ideas looking at sites such as netmums, mumsnet etc. Here are some breakfast ideas that I have tried or have still yet to try with Little E – Read more

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Red Nose Day 2013 – The Gruffalo’s Child Costume


Red Nose Day finally arrived, a day I had been dreading for a month as I knew that it would be a mission to complete J’s costume in time! However, Read more

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Parents’ Evening

So, yesterday evening was parents’ evening at the nursery that my son attends – I know what you’re thinking – parents’ evening at his age?! Which is exactly what I thought before we attended our first parents’ evening, however I am now a convert and would recommend it to any nursery that does not hold parents’ evenings or parents who have yet to attend for what ever reason.. Read more

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Weaning Update

As far as weaning is concerned – it was another good day today! Not in terms of how much Little E ate but, what she attempted to eat. Today she munched her way through a stick of cheddar cheese and she attempted to eat some steamed broccoli, carrot and cauliflour – she did not gag once – I was very impressed! She seems to love her food and is very adventurous where food is concerned –  I am so pleased  – I know I keep mentioning this  but, it truly is amazing considering the erratic eating habits of my son J! She also seems to be quite the carnivore – unlike J or I but, very much like her father – she loves ham and chicken and doesn’t mind beef, which I feel children tend to enjoy as they become older. So, the baby led weaning continues tomorrow with the introduction of cucumber sticks and avocado.

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