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Cough & Colds Survival Guide

3 weeks ago a work colleague and a good friend of mine gave birth to her first child. This week her daughter developed a terrible cold which led her to seek the help and support of her friends via Facebook. … Continue reading

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It’s Day Five of Weaning

I am happy to report little tulip E, is still making great progress as regards to weaning! On Friday E was given banana porridge for breakfast – 3 teaspoons. For dinner she had carrot and potato of which she had … Continue reading

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Car Seat Mat

As mentioned in the post “Car Seat Callouses”, this is the car seat mat that I had purchased ¬†before the harness pads – they are also made by Diono. I purchased this mat at the full price of ¬£24.99 to … Continue reading

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Car Seat Callouses

If like me, you are small in height and therefore, it is a mission to lug your child round in a car seat whilst preventing child number one from sprinting away at top speed then this is a tip for … Continue reading

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White Noise & Calmer Car Journey’s.

This is the white noise CD that I mentioned in my previous post – “P” Plates Mean “Panicked” Mother, More “Patience” Required “Please”! – which I downloaded as an MP3 album from Amazon UK. It costs 89p to do so … Continue reading

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